Дэниэл Грант проектирует фигуру совместно с KWWS

Мы рады сообщить, что достигнуто соглашение о совместном проектировании фигуры командой KWWS/SKILL-PACK и Дэниэлом Грантом! На данный момент уже имеется одобренный обеими сторонами эскиз фигуры. KWWS занимается закупкой материалов для изготовления. Вот как эта новость скоро предстанет в Unleashed Wakemag:

Daniel Grant designs obstacle for KingWinch Wake Park — St. Petersburg.

Pro Wakeboarder, Daniel Grant has confirmed to help KingWinch Wake Park, to design their main obstacle at their be-level park in St. Petersburg, Russia. The work on it is going on in cooperation with KingWinch Wake System (KWWS) that is specializing in producing two-tower wake-systems, obstacles and wake park software.

The Liquid Force and Rip Curl International Rider, is well known within the Cable Wakepark circuit,
but is showing is diversity and knowledge in the sport by sharing his vision as to how obstacles should be, at a progressive cable park.

Daniel commented «I have always been involved in obstacle design at Thai Wakepark, since the cable opened, 6−7 years ago”. Thai Wakepark have always had the concept to self make obstacles. The owners of TWP always asked me for ideas’s, so helping out another cable with a design, was pretty straight forward and I hope it will bring fun to everyones riding. What UNIT is doing is changing and growing the sport, and those who can self make and tweak the way they want their obstacles, is definitely a way of making a cable park unique.

By now the design of the main obstacle is almost done. KWWS has started to work on the underwater part. We are pleased to introduce the current version of the obstacle that nevertheless could be changed during the further working.

Добавим, что длина Фигуры достигает 20 метров, высота дропа — 2 метра.


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